Survivor 25,Philippines Denise Stapley Won The Entire Show Tonight

Survivor 25,Philippines Denise Stapley Won The Entire Show Tonight

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Survivor 25,Philippines Denise Stapley won the entire show tonight. Tonight’s 2 hour finale episode ,kicked off with a look back at the entire season. Then they showed more conversation footage. Everyone was extremely happy to finally get awful Abi out. One person even described it as like getting a tumor removed,lol!!! Then they headed for the Rewards challenge. In it,they had to do another little obstacle course,while collecting bags of puzzle pieces at the same time. Then they had to complete yet another puzzle to win.

The winner,won advantage in the final immunity challenge. Malcolm ended up pulling out another win for the advantage. After a break, Denise started to get leery of Malcolm’s intentions from here on out and told Lisa that she’s willing to turn on Malcolm. So,they decided to team up against Malcolm if he didn’t win immunity.

Also, Skupin didn’t have a problem with teaming up against Malcolm as long as he and Lisa ended up in the finals. However,he was still kind of up in the air about it,because he still thinks that he could somehow beat Malcolm in the finals.

After another break, they showed the final immunity challenge. In it, they had to balance a little ball on some wood that kept getting stretched out to make it more difficult. Anyone who dropped it,was immediately eliminated. However, Malcolm won an advantage earlier,which gave him a 2nd chance,should he drop the ball in the challenge. For some reason,Malcolm ran into trouble with this challenge and immediately used up both of his chances to win it by dropping the ball twice. Skupin ended up pulling out that final victory for immunity,so Malcom’s fate pretty much rested in Skupin and Lisa’s hands at this point.

From there, more conversation footage revealed that Skupin had this desire to take on Malcolm in the finals instead of taking the easier choice of Denise. Denise tried to talk him out of it,so things pretty much just remained up in the air,heading into tribal counsel.

At tribal counsel,they talked game for a bit as usual. Then casts their votes. Malcolm got 3 votes,and Denise got 1 vote. So, with a vote of 3-1 that final immunity challenge loss ,proved to be the nail in the coffin for Malcolm,and Denise,Skupin ,and Lisa became the 3 finalists for this season.

After that, the conversation footage focused towards what final pitch each of the final three would be making to the jury,who would ultimately decide who wins this thing tonight. Then Denise,Skupin,and Lisa finally made their last speech to the jury.consisting of Artis, Carter,Jonathan Penner, awful Abi, Jeff, RC, Pete,and Malcolm.

Then each jury member asked the final 3 finalists a question to close out the final tribal counsel meeting. Penner was really harsh when it came to Lisa by actually telling the jury her secret of being a TV Star on the “Facts Of Life” in the 80’s,which could’ve definitely effected her outcome in this.

Anyways, after all that drama, they fast forwarded into the live show in Hollywood,California tonight,where host Jeff Probst read the final votes,and revealed that Lisa got 1 vote, Skupin got 1 vote, and Denise got 4 votes. After that,he stopped reading,because Denise already had enough votes to win the whole damn thing! Hell yeah! So,there you go. 41 year old Denise Stapley is your “Survivor 25: Philippines” winner. Stay tuned for more news on the future Survivor 26. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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