Survivor 26 John Cochran Won The Entire Show Tonight

Survivor 26 John Cochran Won The Entire Show Tonight

Survivor 26 John Cochran won the entire show tonight.The show kicked off with a look back at what’s gone down to lead up to the finals. Then Eric started to get dizzy, and it turned out that Eric was severely dehydrated ,and was pulled from the game by the paramedic, so at that point, the final five became the final 4. From there, more conversation footage took place. Dawn’s name came up for elimination.

Next, they headed to Rewards challenge, where they had to build a wooden house of cards stack that was high enough to reach a certain point without it falling over. Obviously,the first person to do it,won. The prize was an advantage in the final immunity challenge, so it was huge win. And Cochran pulled it out, to claim that very important immunity advantage.

From there, more conversation footage went down,followed by the “look back at this season’s past voted off contestants” walk-through. Then they showed final Immunity Challenge footage. It involved climbing and grabbing three bags of puzzle pieces.Then completing the puzzle. Cochran’s advantage that he won earlier,allowed him to get his bags without untying them ,while the others had to untie their bags.

The advantage definitely allowed Cochran to jump off to an early lead. However, the puzzle posed a bit of challenge for him,allowing some of the others to catch up to him,but in the end, Cochran was able to figure out the puzzle in time to pull out the victory for final immunity,guaranteeing him a spot in the final three for the million dollar prize.

Then after a little more conversation footage, The final 4,headed to tribal counsel, talked game for a bit. Then casts their votes. Eddie ended up getting 3 votes, and Dawn got 1 vote, so Eddie bit it as he definitely needed to win that final immunity challenge to make his way into the finals. So, the final three contestants for Survivor 26 are: John Cochran, Dawn Meehan,and Sherri Biethman.

Next up, the final three,pleaded their cases the jury members at the last tribal counsel. At one point,things got really heated between Brenda and Dawn as Brenda was still quite emotional about getting voted out by her, since they had built up such a close,emotional bond. No one really had a problem with Cochran as he was very well-spoken and played an exceptional game. Sherri was almost non-existent as she was just along for the ride. The session capped off with everyone casting their votes.

Then it fast-forwarded to the live show tonight,where host ,Jeff Probst, read off the votes. Cochran end up ,getting the first five 5 votes, and that was enough to win it,so Jeff stopped counting at that point. So, John Cochran won this damn thing,along with the whopping $1 million dollars, and I’m so happy for him! Stay tuned as we’ll share the skinny on what’s in store for season 27 later on tonight. Also, get cool,new “Survivor” TV Show stuff by Clicking Here.

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