New 3 Days To Kill Movie Got Mostly Bad Reviews From Top Critics

New 3 Days To Kill Movie Got Mostly Bad Reviews From Top Critics

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New 3 Days To Kill movie got mostly bad reviews from top critics. Relativity Media released their new action/thriller flick, “3 Days To Kill” into theaters this weekend, and the reviews are in from the top movie critics. It turns out that most of them didn’t like it as it got an overall score of 39 out of a possible 100 across 23 reviews at We’ve posted a few snippets from a couple of them (below). The movie stars: Kevin Costner, Amber Heard, Hailee Steinfeld, and Connie Nielsen.

Richard Roeper at the Chicago Sun-Times, gave it a good 75 score, stating, ” Without Costner’s movie star equity, this thing could have fallen apart in the first 30 minutes. He keeps us involved, even as we’re thinking: Wait, WHAT just happened?” Frank Scheck at the The Hollywood Reporter, gave it a 60 score. He said: “It’s all absurd in a way that is typical Besson. But it’s also undeniably entertaining, and it marks a relatively pain-free way to kill, if not three days, at least a couple of hours.”

Glenn Kenny from, gave it a 50 grade, stating, “Costner responds by bringing an easy integrity and seemingly effortless humanity to his part. And hence making a messy, meandering and silly movie rather more watchable than it deserves to be.”

Betsy Sharkey from the Los Angeles Times, gave it a 50 score. She stated: “The film is helped by Costner’s self-deprecating, aw-shucks charm. The actor is game whether he’s being asked to fight off truculent teens or treacherous terrorists.”

A.O. Scott from the The New York Times, gave it another 50 score, stating, “By any reasonable standard, 3 Days to Kill is a terrible movie: incoherent, crudely brutal, dumbly retrograde in its geo- and gender politics. But it is also, as much because of as in spite of these failings, kind of fun.”

Owen Gleiberman at Entertainment Weekly, gave it a 42. He said: “The movie never finds a way to blend the emotional and the rat-a-tat-tat into one seamless package the way that Besson did in his one and only good movie, The Professional (1994).”

Scott Bowles over at USA Today, gave it a pretty poor 38 score, stating, “The result is a convoluted mess that has one good twist and two good car chases. But it’s hardly enough to bring this spy flick in from the cold.” Michael O’Sullivan from the Washington Post, gave it a 37, stating, “3 Days to Kill feels like two very different movies, neither of which is particularly good.”

Geoff Berkshire over at Variety, gave it a 30 score, claiming, ” The lukewarm family dynamics sit awkwardly alongside equally underwhelming action sequences.” Ty Burr at the Boston Globe, gave it a very bad 25, saying,” 3 Days to Kill is pretty terrible, but it’s not really Kevin Costner’s fault.”

Kyle Smith at the New York Post, gave it another 25, and said: “Besson provided the story and co-wrote the screenplay for a film directed by McG, who does his usual McGhastly job with action and is McGruesome when it comes to comedy.” Lastly, New York Daily News’ Joe Neumaier, gave it a really low 20 score, and stated: “It only comes alive when the star briefly shows the casual looseness that once was his calling card.” Stay tuned. Also, get your favorite Movie stuff, and more by Clicking Here.

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