New Need For Speed Movie Received Mostly Bad Reviews From Major Critics

New Need For Speed Movie Received Mostly Bad Reviews From Major Critics

New Need For Speed movie received mostly bad reviews from major critics. DreamWorks Pictures released their new action flick, “Need For Speed” into theaters this weekend, and the top movie critics have submitted their reviews. Unfortunately, for the film, it seems that most of the reviews doesn’t fall in its favor, getting an overall 38 score out of a 100 across 27 reviews at

We posted a few snippets from some of the critics (below). The movie stars: Aaron Paul, Imogen Poots, Dominic Cooper, Ramon Rodriguez, Rami Malek, Harrison Gilbertson, Scott ‘Kid Cudi’ Mescudi, Michael Keaton, and Dakota Johnson.

Bill Zwecker at the Chicago Sun-Times, gave it a 63 score, stating, “The best parts of Need for Speed are the actual racing and chasing sequences — a true thrill ride for the audience as the story unfolds.” Michael Phillips at the Chicago Tribune, gave it another 63. He stated: “When the actors are in cars, the movie’s fun. When they get out to argue, or seethe, it’s uh-oh time. Happily, director Scott Waugh comes out of the stunt world himself, and there’s a refreshing emphasis on actual, theoretically dangerous stunt driving over digital absurdities.”

A.O. Scott from the The New York Times, gave it a 60 grade, stating, “An energetic, unpretentious B movie — the kind best seen at a drive-in like the one in an early scene — it is devoted, above all, to the delivery of visceral, kinetic excitement.”

Scott Foundas from Variety, gave it a 60, saying, “Paul plays the part with the flinty, tightly wound charisma of a small man who makes up in moxie what he lacks in stature. There’s something of the young James Cagney in him, and he’s by far the best thing Need for Speed has going for it.”

Betsy Sharkey from the Los Angeles Times, gave it a 50 score. She said: “Waugh has a good feel for the cars and action extremes, while director of photography Shane Hurlbut acquits himself nicely. But the screenplay written by George Gatins is full of potholes.”

Entertainment Weekly’s Keith Staskiewicz, gave it another 50 grade. He stated: “A moderately popular racing series that the powers that be have tried to turn into a turbo-boosted stunt-car extravaganza of the same make and model as the “Fast & Furious” franchise.”

Marc Bernardin at The Hollywood Reporter, gave it a 40 score, saying, “Need For Speed is a flat, sexless movie that seems not to understand why people like to sit in the driver’s seat and rev that big engine: Because of the transgressive rumble in your nethers.”

Claudia Puig over at USA Today, gave it a 38 score. She said, “Ostensibly meant to be light entertainment. If light is synonymous with preposterous, frenetic and noisy, it qualifies.” Ty Burr from the Boston Globe, gave it another 38 score, saying, “All that’s missing is Clyde the orangutan from Clint Eastwood’s “Every Which Way But Loose,” which, trust me, this movie could have used.”

Peter Travers at Rolling Stone, gave it a 38 score as well,stating, “There’s nothing to distract you from a plot so tired there are tire tracks from other racing movies all over it.” Kyle Smith from the New York Post, gave it a 38 , saying , “Young men and fast cars are automatically stupid together, but even if you set your intelligence level at “off”?—?and you should?—?you’ll get a hangover from this cocktail of 200-proof stupid, clinking with moron ice cubes and with an idiot cherry on top.”

Jen Chaney at the Washington Post, gave it a 37 score. She stated: “Need for Speed is a piece of auto-collision pornography that weighs down its car-flip-and-massive-fireball money shots with a preposterous plot involving vehicular manslaughter vengeance.”

Joe Neumaier at the New York Daily News, gave it a very bad 20 score, saying: ” This movie is so dumb for most of its running time, you walk away wishing there was less plot and pointless posing and more of the fuel-injected coolness that brought you to the multiplex in the first place.” Stay tuned. Also, get your favorite Movie stuff, and more by Clicking Here.

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