New Dope Movie Received Mostly Positive Reviews From Major Critics

New Dope Movie Received Mostly Positive Reviews From Major Critics

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Open Road Films released their new comedy/drama film, “Dope,” into theaters today, June 19th,2015, and all the top, major critics have turned in their reviews for it. It turns out that it resonated quite well with most of them, scoring an overall 72 score out of a possible 100 across 28 reviews at the site.

The film stars: Kimberly Elise, Forest Whitaker, Zoe Kravitz, Blake Anderson, Tony Revolori, Shameik Moore and Kiersey Clemons. We’ve supplied blurbs from a couple of the critics,below.

Mick LaSalle from the San Francisco Chronicle, gave it an excellent 100 score, saying: “It’s a movie about a geeky teenager living in the Los Angeles hood, and something about it, or rather everything about it, feels real.”

Michael Phillips from the Chicago Tribune, gave it a very good 88 score, saying: “The tone of Dope is very interesting — funny, but rarely stupid-funny.”

Joe Morgenstern over at the Wall Street Journal, gave it an 80 score. He stated: “If Dope were as earnest as Malcolm seems to be, you might expect it to be a bit of a bore. No worries on that count, though. Mr. Famuyiwa has a sleeve full of aces.”

Dennis Harvey over at Variety, gave it an 80 score. He said: “The fun momentum of Dope’s breakneck plotting and snappy dialogue easily overcome any momentary attack of earnestness.”

Ann Hornaday at the Washington Post, gave it a 75 score, stating: “Famuyiwa reminds viewers not to believe — or worse, internalize — the hype, and he provides a great deal of cheeky, infectious fun in the process. Put another way, Dope is the bomb.”

Peter Travers from Rolling Stone, gave it a 75 grade, stating: “Just know that Famuyiwa keeps the action spinning with vibrant speed and rare sensitivity. He’s made a comedy of social expectation that plays like an exhilarating gift.”

A.O. Scott over at The New York Times, gave it a 70 grade, saying: “It’s easy to root for Malcolm, to admire his pluck and share in his enthusiasm. It may be a little harder to buy what he and Dope are selling.”

Boyd van Hoeij from The Hollywood Reporter, gave it a 70 grade. He stated: “Bouncy, with snappy dialog to spare and a great young cast headed by breakout star Shameik Moore, this is a crowd-pleaser from start to finish.”

Jordan Hoffman from the New York Daily News, gave it a 60 grade, claiming: “The tone is fast and funny, with a modern “Risky Business” or “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” vibe, but there’s an additional layer that stems from the violence of the neighborhood.”

Kyle Smith from the New York Post, gave it a 50 score. He stated: ” As a comedy, the film isn’t especially funny, and as a screwball drug caper a la “Go,” it’s raggedly plotted, with ridiculous coincidences popping up everywhere.”

Lastly, Robert Abele over at the Los Angeles Times, gave it a 40 grade. He stated: “Dope is, in the end, just another unfunny grab bag of stereotypes. Don’t believe the hype.” Stay tuned. Also, get your favorite Movie stuff, and more by Clicking Here.

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