New Selfless Movie Delivered Great Action,Drama,Interesting Plot & More

New Selfless Movie Delivered Great Action,Drama,Interesting Plot & More

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Gramercy Pictures released their new sci-fi/action flick, “Self/Less,” into theaters this weekend. I just checked it out, and thought it was very entertaining, serving up a very interesting plotline that featured plenty of great action and drama. The movie stars: Ryan Reynolds, Ben Kingsley, Derek Luke, Victor Garber, Matthew Goode, Natalie Martinez and Michelle Dockery.

In the new flick, Billionaire industrialist ,Damian Hale (Ben Kingsley), is dying of cancer, so he agrees to try a new, radical medical procedure called “shedding,” in which his consciousness is transferred to a healthy body, taking on the identity of Edward (Ryan Reynolds). However, there is a side effect that causes him to hallucinate, and he must take some red pills everyday to ward off hallucinations.

From there, he takes on his new life, enjoying all the good times that a good-looking, young guy can take part in. This continues until he’s tipped off that the hallucinations he’s having, might be those of another person. This revelation eventually leads him to find out that his new body was not grown in a lab, but actually belonged to another, living human being named Mark!

After learning this, Damian/Edward rebels against the company that gave him his new body, and keeps Mark’s wife and child safe from getting captured. During this time, Damian/Edward learns that if he keeps taking the red pills his consciousness would completely phase out Mark’s consciousness. However, if he stopped, Mark would eventually come back to reclaim full consciousness.

Eventually Damian/Edward is able to destroy the company that put him in the new body, and then made the ultimate sacrifice to wrap it all up.

Again, I really enjoyed watching the full runtime of this flick. Every second was very intriguing and the action scenes were great as Mark had previous combat skills that Damian/Edward would use periodically during the movie. Overall, I gave the movie a solid B+ grade. Stay tuned. Also, get your favorite movie stuff, and more by Clicking Here.

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