‘World Of Dance’ July 21, 2020 Junior Duels Round Part 1 Results Revealed

‘World Of Dance’ July 21, 2020 Junior Duels Round Part 1 Results Revealed

Hey, “World Of Dance” fans. Tonight, July 21, 2020, another new episode of World Of Dance season 4 did indeed air with judges: Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough, and Ne-Yo in tow. Twitch was also on hand as an extra judge that will be determining who gets redemption for this junior division duels round.

To get these junior division duels started, the judges pitted The Young Cast against GRVMNT. GRYMNT was up first, and they came with a very strong and precise hip hop style routine. All their moves were very sharp and on point.

Afterwards, Derek said, Ya’ll came ready to play. I loved the musicality.” Jennifer said, “Ya’ll may hold the record for most moves in a minute and a half.” Derek said, “It lacked some stamina at the end though.”

Jennifer said, “It’s inevitable that after all that, you lose some energy at the end. You just need to make an adjustment for that in the routine.” Ne-Yo said, “Dancers make it look so easy. Trust me, it ain’t easy. You might hurt yourself if you try that.”

Twitch said, “I want you to make it look like the whole routine is nothing. Like you could do it in your sleep.”

Next, The Young Cast hit the dance floor. They also came with some very precise moves and acrobatics. Afterwards, Jennifer said, “I’m so impressed. I didn’t know you guys had that in you.”

Derek said, “I felt the tricks were the weakest moments.” Twitch said, “This was like hip-hop taken to the next level.” Ne-Yo said, “I didn’t really feel like the tricks totally landed.”

Derek chose to put The Young Cast through to the next round. Jennifer chose GRVMNT. Ne-Yo chose GRVMNT. So, GRVMNT advanced, and The Young Cast has to hope Twitch picks them to compete in the redemption round.

Next, the judges pitted little Savannah Manzel against the 305 group. 305 was up first. They delivered a fusion of different Latin dances during their routine.

Afterwards, Derek said, “Well done.” Jennifer said, “It was good, and I enjoyed the presentation. However,I think it could have been better.” Twitch said, “I enjoyed it, but you do have more work to do.” Ne-Yo said, “I see the potential in you. I want to see what lil momma aka Savannah is going to do before I make my decision.”

Savannah Manzel was up next. She delivered a very strong solo performance that was filled with extreme acrobatics. She is so agile. Her mic pack actually dropped midway through her routine. So, they let her start all over again, and she delivered more strong moves. It was intense, and she ended it on a very fierce note.

Afterwards, Jennifer said, “Wow.” I feel you have the emotional power that I feared you wouldn’t have.” Ne-Yo said, “You are a true entertainer. You showed that the show must go on even in the face of adversity. I liked all of your the tricks, but I want to see more dancing if you make it through.” Derek said, “I love your capacity.” Twitch said, “This is like a David versus Goliath situation.”

Jennifer chose Savannah to make it through. Ne-Yo chose Savannah too! So, Savannah had enough votes to make it through, and 305 was on the outs.

The last duel for this episode featured MDC 3 pitted against Chibi Unity.

Chibi Unity was up first. They delivered a very solid and impressive hip hop routine. Their moves were very cool, precise and unique.

Afterwards, Jennifer said, “You guys really stepped it up.” Derek said, “It was clean and so well put together.” Ne-Yo said, “I was really surprised by that hip-hop routine. I thought you guys were a contemporary act.”

They mentioned to Twitch that they are more comfortable with contemporary, but they wanted to show something different. Twitch said, “I really liked the hip hop stuff, but you always want to make sure you come with your best dance style in a competition like this. You’re competing against the best. So, you wanna make sure you’re doing your best stuff.”

Next, MDC 3 served up their routine. It was a contemporary dance that was very energetic and acrobatic.

Afterwards, Derek said, “I loved the continuation of the last routine. It was so clever. I loved the male’s partner work. He is such a strong support for the ladies.” Ne-Yo said, “I loved the storytelling.” Twitch said, “I want some more work internalizing the emotions so they bleed out.” Jennifer was equally impressed.

Ne-Yo picked Chibi Unity. Jennifer picked MDC 3. Derek picked MDC 3. So, MDC 3 won this duel. Chibi Unity will have to hope they get picked for the redemption round.

And that was it for tonight’s Junior division duels round. You guys can view all of tonight’s July 21, 2020 junior division duels performances on the official Youtube channel for NBC’s “World Of Dance” by Clicking Here.

The next, new “World Of Dance” season 4 episode is scheduled to air next Tuesday night, July 28, 2020 at approximately 9 pm central standard time on NBC. It will feature the continuation of the junior division duels round.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “NBC World Of Dance” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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