‘World Of Dance’ August 11, 2020 Semi Finals Part 2 Results Revealed (Recap)

‘World Of Dance’ August 11, 2020 Semi Finals Part 2 Results Revealed (Recap)

Hey, “World Of Dance” fans. Tonight, August 11, 2020, another new episode of World Of Dance did indeed air. This episode featured the semifinal rounds part 2. Judges: Ne-Yo, Jennifer Lopez and Derek Hough were, of course, on hand to judge and score the acts.

Keagan Capps kicked off the performances. Her performance featured ballet and acrobatics. She showed some extreme and impressive flexibility. It was a very intense routine.

Afterwards, Ne-Yo said, “I love it. I love it. I love it.” Jennifer said, “You were all over that stage. You are strong and agile. You’re beautiful to watch.” Derek said, “You are out of this world. Some of the moments didn’t match up for me, but other than that, it was great.” Ne-Yo agreed with Derek.

Ne-Yo gave Keagan a 90 score. Jennifer a 90, and Derek a 92 for a total of 90.7.

Next up, was UPEEPZ. They delivered a routine that was filled with hip hop. They did cool tricks with folding, hand fans. There was some acrobatics and very tight isolations. They did a lot of stuff.

Afterwards, Derek said, “You guys ooze passion. I love that you guys brought your culture into this piece.” Ne-Yo said, “I loved your cleanliness and personality, but there were some things missing for me.” Jennifer said, “You really feel like a real crew. Your routine didn’t all come together, but you did a great job.”

Ne-Yo gave UPEEPZ an 89 score. Jennifer an 88, and Derek a 90 for a total of 89.0.

Jake & Chau hit the stage next to deliver a very strong ballet and acrobatic routine.

Afterwards, Jennifer said, “Wow! Oh my God. That gave me goosebumps. You were intertwined both physically and emotionally. This is the best one I’ve seen. Beautiful dancing.”

Derek said, “You’ve been so consistent. You were very exceptional. The song choice and execution was all fantastic.” Ne-Yo said, “That felt like love. The level of trust you have for each other is beautiful to watch.”

Jennifer gave Jake & Chau a 95 score. Ne-Yo a 96, and Derek a 95 for a total 95.3. That score eliminated UPEEPZ from the competition since they were no longer one of the top two scores.

Bailey Sok & Kida hit the stage next. They delivered a very strong hip hop performance with crazy isolations. They did some cool tricks with a chair. There was some acrobatics thrown in there too. It was amazing.

Afterwards, Jennifer said, “You are two of the best hip hop dancers we’ve had on the show.” Ne-Yo said, “The prop might of worked against you because it didn’t allow you to be as clean as you usually are.” Derek said, “I disagree with Ne-Yo. I thought you guys were entertaining. You took risks and did something different.”

Ne-Yo gave Bailey & Kida a 92 score. Derek a 92, and Jennifer a 95 for a total of 93.0. That score eliminated Keegan Capps from the competition as it caused her to fall out of the top two scores of the night.

Next to hit the stage, was Oxygen. They delivered a very impressive routine that featured acrobatic elements, very crazy,unique arm and leg movements, isolations, crumping. It was jam packed. The choreography was exquisite.

Afterwards, Ne-yo said, “To think, we almost didn’t get to see that. You guys are like moving art. Amazing.” Jennifer said, “It worked perfectly. It was so beautiful. There was just one little piece that didn’t click for me. Other than that, it was perfect.” Derek said, “It had a little bit of everything. Well done.”

Derek gave Oxygen a 94 score. Jennifer a 97, and Ne-Yo a 98 for a total of 96.3! That was way good enough to take first place and eliminate Bailey & Kida unfortunately.

The last performers of the night were MDC 3, and they had a tall order to fill with these previous high scores, but they definitely stepped up to the challenge with their routine.

It featured crazy, intense ballet, theatrics and acrobatics.I mean their performance really told an intense and passionate story. It was very emotional.

Afterwards, Jennifer said, “You guys are the most incredible dancers. I don’t have all the words to describe what I just saw.” Jennifer actually teared up for a moment!

Derek said, “You are all just so stunning. It’s a gift to see you tell these stories. I know how much work went into that. Thank you.” Ne-Yo said, “They said it all. I got goose bumps watching you.”

Ne-Yo gave MDC 3 a 94 score. Derek a 98, and Jennifer a 98 for a total of 96.7! That was good enough for MDC 3 t take the first place score from Oxygen and eliminate poor Jake & Chou!

So, just to recap, MDC 3 and Oxygen advanced to tomorrow night’s finals episode. And unfortunately, Bailey & Kida, Jake & Chou, Keagan Capps and UPEEPZ were all eliminated.

We will see MDC 3, Oxygen, Geometrie Variable and Jefferson & Adrianita battle it out for the title and $1 million dollar grand prize in tomorrow’s August 12, 2020 finale episode. It’s scheduled to air at approximately 8 pm central standard time on NBC.

You guys can view all of tonight’s August 11, 2020 semi finals part 2 performances on the official Youtube channel for NBC’s “World Of Dance” by Clicking Here.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “NBC World Of Dance” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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