‘World Of Dance’ July 28, 2020 Junior Duels Round Part 2 Results Revealed (Recap)

‘World Of Dance’ July 28, 2020 Junior Duels Round Part 2 Results Revealed (Recap)

Hey, “World Of Dance” fans. Tonight,July 28, 2020, another new World Of Dance episode did indeed air with celebrity judges: Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo and Derek Hough. Twitch was also back to pick who got to compete in the Redemption duel.

Tonight’s episode featured part 2 of the Junior division duels. The first two acts to get pitted against each other were Bailey Sok and Kida against James and Harris. I was personally rooting for Bailey and Kida during this one because I’m a fan of Bailey’s Youtube dance videos.

Anyways,Bailey and Kida were up first, and they definitely didn’t disappoint. They delivered a very strong hip hop routine that featured really precise and crazy isolations. They served up some very interesting and unique moves and animations.

Afterwards, Derek said, “That was sick. Out of the gate, all the moves were so intentional and done to perfection. It was so satisfying to watch. Well done.”

Ne-Yo said, “The isolations were unreal. It’s almost like you’re not human beings. I thoroughly enjoyed it.” Jennifer said, “I got goosebumps. I was in all the way. You can really wow America.” Twitch said, “You were architects of sound. Great job.”

Next, James and Harris hit the stage to deliver their routine. It featured a mixture of acrobatics, a sprinkle of hip hop and some ballet type moves. It was really unique.

Afterwards,Jennifer said, “You complement each other so beautifully. You’re a great dance duo.” Ne Yo said, “You are such strong dancers, but I feel like you’re not dancing as strong as you are to me. I know there’s more in there.”

Derek said, “I feel like Ne-Yo is wrong. You danced really strong. However, I did notice you were a fraction out of sink with each other for just one moment. Everything else was great.”

Jennifer said, “I agree with Ne-Yo. I feel like there’s more there, but if you don’t show us, we’ll never know.” Twitch said, “I wanted to see a little bit more because I know you have it in you, and that’s what you need to touch the World of Dance stage.”

Ne-Yo chose Bailey and Kida to win this duel. Jennifer chose James and Harris. Derek chose Bailey and Kida. So, with two votes, Bailey and Kida advanced to the next round.

James and Harris had to hope Twitch picked them to compete in the Redemption duel. Twitch did tell them, “I ‘ve got my eye on you for it.”

Next, the judges pitted Keagan Capps against Maddy Penney.

Maddy Penney was up first with her routine. It was a pretty strong ballet performance. it featured solid dancing techniques.

Afterwords, Jennifer said, “You took us to Paris for a second. It was a good routine. This fell a little short of your first performance.”

Twitch said, “You have to invite us into your world and help us be compelled.” Derek said, “You have extraordinary technique. It was a good routine, but I saw a couple of mistakes.”

Ne-Yo said, “I caught the slight wobble, which surprised me because your technique is so strong. Other than that, you were great. Good job.”

Next, Keagan delivered her duels performance. It featured very strong ballet, some acrobatics and extreme flexibility. The judges really got into watching her performance.

Afterwords, Jennifer said,”Your routine had so much sauce and yumminess. It was awesome.” Derek said,”The intensity you had was great. The awareness of your body really just drew us in, but there needs to be more dancing in between.” Twitch said, ” You have that ability to really draw us in.” Ne Yo said, “It was great.”

Derek chose Keagan as the winner of this duel. Jennifer chose Keagan, and Ne Yo chose Keagan. So, with 3 votes, Keagan easily advanced to the next round over Maddy. The Judge’s biggest advice to Maddy is that she needed to show more emotion during her dancing.

At this point, Twitch had to pick which two acts got to compete in the Redemption duel. He ended up picking James and Harris and “The Young Cast.”

The Young Cast was up first. During their performance, they delivered a very uptempo routine to a James Brown song. There was definitely a lot going on in it.

Afterwards, Jennifer said, “It was good.” Derek said, “It was interesting.” Ne Yo said, “I don’t know what I feel yet. I need to see your competitors first.”

Next, James and Harris hit the dance floor to rock out their Redemption performance. Once again, it featured more acrobatics, lots of energy and some ballet elements. They definitely have a unique style.

Afterwards, Ne Yo said, “You are absolutely incredible dancers.” Jennifer said, “You guys bring something totally different, Which I love.” Derek said, “Honestly, great job.”

Jennifer picked The Young Cast as the winner of this Redemption duel. Derek chose The Young Cast, and Ne-Yo chose The Young Cast. So, with a unanimous 3 votes, The Young Cast made it through to the next round.

Jennifer told James and Harris, “I wish you both could’ve stayed. I hate to see you go. I really hope I see you again. I really do.”

So,to recap Bailey & Kida, Keagan Capps and The Young Cast made it through to the next round in tonight’s Junior division duels round part 2, and poor James & Harris and Maddy Penney got eliminated.

How do you guys feel about tonight’s results? Are you happy? Are you sad? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the comments section

You guys can view all of tonight’s July 28, 2020 junior division duels performances on the official Youtube channel for NBC’s “World Of Dance” by Clicking Here.

The next, new “World Of Dance” season 4 episode is scheduled to air next Tuesday night, August 4, 2020 at approximately 9 pm central standard time on NBC. It will feature the LIVE stage shows.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “NBC World Of Dance” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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