‘World Of Dance’ August 12, 2020 Finale Winner Revealed (Recap)

‘World Of Dance’ August 12, 2020 Finale Winner Revealed (Recap)

Hey, “World Of Dance” fans. Tonight, August 12, 2020, the big finale episode of World Of Dance season 4 did indeed air, and after everything was all said and done, a winner was finally revealed for this thing.

The judges: Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough and Ne-Yo were, of course, on hand to score the acts and give their critiques.

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Tonight’s episode kicked off with Oxygen hitting the stage to deliver their final routine of this season. It featured more very impressive arm and leg movements, synchronicity, isolations and acrobatics. It was very entertaining.

Afterwards, Ne-Yo said, “It was dope. I loved the clean lines. It had everything I expected from you.” Jennifer said, “I enjoyed the beginning.” Derek said, “I saw the details, and I appreciated it.”

Jennifer said, “I feel like you gave it your best even if the ending fell a little flat.” Ne-Yo said, “I thought the beginning prop left something to be desired.”

Ne-Yo gave Oxygen a 94 score. Jennifer a 91, and Derek a 94 for a total of 93.

Next up, was MDC 3. During their performance, they delivered more intense storytelling, theatrics, ballet, acrobatics and crazy amounts of synchronicity.

Afterwards, Jennifer said,”The quality of your dance gave me goose bumps. It was really beautifully done.” Derek said, “The three of you were so in sync. It was incredible.”

Ne-Yo said, “It was absolutely flawless.” Derek said, “Tonight, you did not disappoint. You should be very proud of yourselves.”

Ne-Yo gave MDC 3 a 95 score. Jennifer a 95, and Derek a 97 for total of 95.7. Their score was good enough to beat Oxygen’s score of 93. So, Oxygen was eliminated at this point. Only the highest score won tonight.

Next, Jefferson & Adrianita hit the stage. They delivered a Latin routine that was filled with very energetic and uptempo Salsa. There was some acrobatic type tricks thrown in there. It was very entertaining to watch as well.

Afterwards, Derek said, “That was so amazing. You created so much energy and fun. It was fantastic.” Ne-Yo said, “Everything was absolutely flawless except for one clunky move.” Jennifer said, “I felt the stairs prop hurt you, but you were the strongest couple here.” Derek said, “You guys should be so proud. It was exciting to watch. Well done.”

Ne-Yo gave Jefferson & Adrianita a 94 score. Jennifer a 96, and Derek a 96 for a total of 95.3. It was a great score, but it wasn’t better than MDC 3’s 95.7 score. So, they were eliminated.

The final act Geometrie Variable hit the stage at this point to see if they could knock out MDC 3 for the win. They delivered their signature arm movements during their performance along with a little bit of hip hop/isolation choreography. It seemed like their past performances were better than this one though.

Afterwards, Jennifer said, “I never would’ve thought that such a specialized dance style would make it through to the finals.” Derek said, “It was fantastic. It was well done.” Ne-Yo said, “I’m very proud of you guys. I love what you do. Continue doing it. I also didn’t thing that such a boutique style would make it this far.”

Ne-Yo gave Geometrie Variable a 94 score. Jennifer a 92, and Derek a 94 for a total of 93.3. That score was not good enough to beat MDC 3’s very high score of 95.7. So, MDC 3 pulled out the victory to become the winner of NBC’s World Of Dance season 4 and the $1 million dollar grand prize!

So, just to recap, MDC3 took first place. Jefferson & Adrianita came in second. Geometrie Varaible took 3rd place, and Oxygen came in 4th. They were all very great though. I can honestly say I enjoyed watching all of these performances. NBC’s World Of Dance has the best dancers for sure.

You guys can view all of tonight’s August 12, 2020 finale performances on the official Youtube channel for NBC’s “World Of Dance” by Clicking Here.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “NBC World Of Dance” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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