Tough As Nails January 4, 2023 Premiere Eliminated Synethia Bland From Individual Comps (Recap)

Tough As Nails January 4, 2023 Premiere Eliminated Synethia Bland From Individual Comps (Recap)

Hey, “Tough As Nails” fans. Tonight, January 4, 2023, the new, 4th season of Tough As Nails did indeed premiere with a 2-hour episode, and one unlucky contestant did get eliminated from the individual competitions at the end to lose out at a chance of winning $200,000 and a new Ford pick up truck.

Tonight’s premiere episode kicked off with the usual introductions of the 12 castmembers. Then, host Phil Keoghan showed up to get straight down to business with the first challenge. This first challenge decided which two people would get to pick the teams.

This first challenge required the contestants to replace a mooring system. Sergio finished in first place, and Mister finished in second place. So, Sergio and Mister got to pick who would be on the two teams.

Sergio went first since he finished the challenge first. He decided to select the Dirty Hands team name, and he picked: Beth, Jorge, Aly, Ellery and Synethia. That left Mister with the Savage Crew team name, and he picked: Ilima ,Laura, Larron, Renee and Jake.

After the teams were selected, they went right into the first team challenge. Sergio was crew boss for dirty hands, and Laura was crew boss for the Savage Crew. In this challenge, they had to build a shade structure. During it, they had to tear down the existing structure of the worn out shade structure while some of the others went to go get supplies for the new structure.

The Savage Crew team forgot to get something on the first supply run. So, they had to go back and get it, and that caused them to lose a lot of time.

Despite Savage Crew’s setback, they did make up a lot of time to the point that it came down to the wire. Also, the Dirty Hands crew ran into some trouble finding their number that they had to nail up on the structure to complete the challenge.

That crucial mistake gave Savage Crew just enough time to edge out Dirty Hands for the win! So, that was an amazing comeback victory for them. They won $12,000 for their trouble and their first badge of honor. The first team to win 5 badges of honor wins a grand prize of $60,000 dollars. At this point, Savage Crew was leading the team victories 1-0.

Host Phil Keoghan also revealed what the prize is for the individual comps is this season. The winner gets a grand prize of $200,000 dollars, and new Ford pick up truck.

At the top of the second hour, they did another team challenge. In this one, they had to pour concrete slabs in a 16×20 structure. During the comp, they had to correctly prepare the 16×20 structure for the concrete. Renee was crew boss for the Savage Crew, and Ellery was crew boss for the Dirty Hands team.

The Savage Crew ran into many issues with the measurements of the 16×20 structure. They also put too many rebars in at one point, which caused them to fall way behind. Once the concrete was laid, they had to smooth it out for the win. The Savage Crew did try to make a valiant comeback, but it didn’t work for them this time. They made too many mistakes. So, the Dirty Hands crew was able to take this victory to tie up the team wins 1-1.

After that, we got to see the very first individual challenge. During it, they had to finish off a section of a block wall. Also, Phil pointed out that each individual challenge win came with a $2,000 dollar prize. Jake ended up just edging out Sergio for the win and the $2,000 dollars. Ilima came in 3rd place. Beth finished 4th. Mister took the 5th spot. Jorge came in 6th. Renee 7th. Laura 8th. Aly 9th and Larron took the very important 10th spot to just avoid going into the overtime challenge.

Ellery and Synethia were the last two, so they had to compete against each other in the overtime challenge. During it, they had to make a metal hook for a helmet. To do so, they had to heat up a metal bar in a forge. Then, eventually beat it into a hook shape until it fit into an example hook template.

Ellery ended up winning pretty easily over Synethia since she had no previous experience at all with this type of work. So, Synethia Bland was the first one to get eliminated from the individual comps this season, but she will be sticking around for the remaining team competitions for the chance to win a little extra cash. How do you guys feel about tonight’s premiere episode 1 results? Let us know in the comments section.

The next, new episode of Tough As Nails season 4 is scheduled to hit the air next Wednesday night, January 11, 2023 at approximately 9 pm central standard time on CBS.

Alright, guys. That is a wrap for this latest,”Tough As Nails” TV show, recap report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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