NBC Heroes “Dying of the Light”Episode Review

NBC Heroes “Dying of the Light”Episode Review

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This 6th episode of season 3 Heroes gets real interesting as they show that Hiro didn’t really kill Ando and that he actually freezes time when they ask him to kill him and then goes back in time and warns Ando so that he can make the necessary arrangements to make it look real when Hiro stabs him. I thought this was pure genious and I absolutely loved this scene. Also we see that Claire and her foster mom were able to go and help bail Merideth – Claire’s biological mom out of her predicament with the villan who can control people’s movements. I thought it was great how they used Claire’s power of invincability against this guy when he had them play Russian Roulette. Claire just told her foster mom to go ahead and shoot her when it was her turn. Then when the villan thought she was dead he started to try and say some crap and then got shit knocked out of him by Claire from behind . Loved it. They also showed Peter Petrelli getting darker and darker as he now still has Sylar’s addictive powers.He’s also starting to be way more powerful than Sylar as he more than overpowers him in a sort of mini dual they had.The episode also starts to explore how Matt Parkman and speedster Daphne’s relationship begins to develop.I also love what they’ve done with Ali Larter’s character,Tracy and her ice powers.

Overall I thought the episode was excellent and I love how this show is starting to unfold this season.

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