Sacha Baron Cohen (Bruno), Sued Over Bingo Filming Brawl

Sacha Baron Cohen (Bruno), Sued Over Bingo Filming Brawl

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According to recent reports a California woman named Richelle Olson is suing Sacha Cohen Baron who plays the funny,gay,Austrian, fashion correspondent “Bruno”. Apparently she’s suing him over a bingo filming incident that happened in Palmdale,California back in 2007 which caused the woman to be confined to a wheelchair.

Richelle Olson who is the executive director of Desert Valley Charities is suing Sasha,NBC Universal,and several others. Apparently because Sacha’s character Bruno was scheduled to call the numbers at a bingo game for the elderly people their that Richelle had organized. But when he got there,she described him to be very extreme,outrageous,and offensive with the caricature of a gay man dressed in sexually revealing clothing,and having an Australian accent.

She says when she tried to take the microphone away from Bruno (Sacha), he allegedly, offensively touched,pushed,and battered her causing her to fall to the ground. Then she said when the cameramen and others rushed to the stage,they began to attack her in order to create a more dramatic response while they recorded her being humiliated and embarrassed. Afterwards, she claims she went to another room and cried uncontrollably. Then she fell unconscious and hit her head on a thinly covered concrete slab which caused two brain bleeds, resulting in her being confined to a wheelchair and walker ever since. Olson and her husband are suing for unknown damages and loss of marital relations.

Also according to reports, Sacha Cohen has a long line of other lawsuits over outrageous antics of his various characters which include his 2006 movie character, “Borat.”

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