TMZ Releases 21 Exclusive Tiger Woods’ Car Accident Photos

TMZ Releases 21 Exclusive Tiger Woods’ Car Accident Photos

    tiger woods car accident image

TMZ releases 21 exclusive Tiger Woods’ car accident photos. Top celebrity gossip site, TMZ has just released a flurry of new, exclusive photos from the highly talked about Tiger Woods car accident that happened yesterday.

I must say he really banged that car up. There are two stories currently going around,as to what exactly happened. TMZ has reported that the Wife said she used a golf club to break into the vehicle, in an attempt to get Tiger out after he hit the fire hydrant and tree.

On the other hand, they also report that Tiger secretly told a friend that his wife, Elin Nordegren went nuts and scratched his face up, and he ran out of the house to get into his car. She then, chased after him with a golf club,and struck the SUV several times. After that, he got distracted and hit the fire hydrant and tree.

They also report that he is now refusing to talk to the police again. They think he might be trying to wait until his “evidence revealing” wounds heal so his wife won’t get arrested,but it’s pretty much speculation right now. We’ll keep you posted.

You can see the rest of Tiger Woods’ car accident photos over at TMZ by Clicking Here.

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6 Responses

  1. Ivan Wackmycockov says:

    This is obviously an attempt by Tiger Woods for attention. He likes to do this type of stuff alllll the time. I should know I saw him masturbating and crying in burger king bathroom!

  2. commenthere says:

    Tiger Woods – think of your children first, then yourself. Divorce has such an impact on them and you have time to act like an ass after their are adults.

  3. With so many conflicting rumors, it’s hard to tell if Tiger Woods car accident came about as a result of an alleged affair with Rachel Uchitel or if this is all just media hype. I’m glad he’s doing okay, though.

  4. mark says:

    I went up to my golf club yesterday for a lesson?and the?golf pro asked what I wanted.?I said?I want to drive like Tiger Woods. The bugger then drove my car into a tree and charged me $25!

  5. Monae says:

    wow tiqerr..yOuh On a rOle sweetheart. yOuuh need to slow it dOwn wit all thOse damn..Wifeys. not everyone was meant to be sweetheard

  6. Desiree Lewis says:

    why don’t the media let it go’ he had an affair with a couple of women , thats between him and his wife, he did’nt kill nobody did he!!!!!!!

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