New Old Boy Movie Delivered Crazy Action,Drama, A Wicked Twist & More

New Old Boy Movie Delivered Crazy Action,Drama, A Wicked Twist & More

New Old Boy movie delivered crazy action,drama, a wicked twist & more. FilmDistrict released their new action/thriller flick, “Old Boy” into theaters this weekend. I just checked it out, and thought it was pretty good. The fight scenes were pretty crazy. It had a very wicked twist at the end,and was very dramatic to say the least. It stars: Josh Brolin, Elizabeth Olsen, Sharlto Copley, James Ransone, and Samuel L. Jackson .

In the new flick, An advertising executive, Joe Doucett(Josh Brolin), abruptly gets kidnapped and held hostage for 20 years in a solitary confinement room that looks like a hotel. When he’s first put there, he thinks everything is ok as he had a sex romp with a chick there. However, when he finds that the chick is gone and there’s no exit from the room. He starts to panic.

From there, he’s fed food through the door slot, and is fed false news reports about his 3-year old daughter he left behind,via a TV in the room. It also turns out that the people who imprisoned him, raped and murdered his daughter’s mother,leaving her as an orphan. The blame was also made to frame Joe for the rape and murder. After hearing this news, Joe decides to devote his imprisoned time to quit drinking and getting in tip top fighting shape so he can escape and hunt down whoever imprisoned him.

Just as he was about to escape, the people that captured him, actually let him go free on their own by knocking him out with sleeping gas and throwing him in a box that was located out in the middle of nowhere. At this point, the action really picked up as Joe began his hunt for the perpetrator. They showed crazy fight scenes that involved Joe taking out 30-plus men at a time, which seemed pretty ridiculous unless he was Bruce Lee or something, but whatever. It was entertaining, I guess.

Joe also met a girl named Marie Sebastian (Elizabeth Olsen), who really wanted to help him clear his name after reading all the letters he had written to his daughter. They also ended up, getting quite close. Intimate, in fact. And this would prove to be a very crazy twist in the plotline as the person who imprisoned him, finally revealed his face and made him a deal to take him to his daughter and give him some other rewards if he could find out who he is and why he chose to imprison him for 20 years.

This set up a huge ,twist-filled conclusion that involved Joe,learning a shocking truth about Marie, and more. It was just crazy. You gotta see it. I thought the film’s plot was very intriguing the entire time and just really kept me interested and entertained. Elizabeth Olsen was quite easy on the eyes,and she served up some nudity. Wow! I wonder what her famous sisters, Ashley & Kate Olsen think about that,lol!!! Anyways, I gave it solid B grade. Stay tuned. Also, get your favorite Movie stuff, and more by Clicking Here.

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