New ‘The Legend of Hercules’ Movie Delivered Great Action,Drama & More

New ‘The Legend of Hercules’ Movie Delivered Great Action,Drama & More

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New ‘The Legend of Hercules’ movie delivered great action,drama & more. Summit Entertainment released their new action/drama flick, “The Legend of Hercules” into theaters. I just checked it out, and thought it was great. It delivered up a ton of hardcore,fighting action, major drama, and more. It stars: Kellan Lutz, Scott Adkins, Liam McIntyre, Liam Garrigan, Johnathon Schaech, Roxanne McKee, Gaia Weiss, and Rade Serbedzija.

In the new flick, Hercules (Kellan Lutz) fell in love with a beautiful woman, named Hebe. However, Hercules gets betrayed by his stepfather, King Amphitryon, and ordered to go to war in an effort to have him killed. Meanwhile, the King ordered his real son, Iphicles, to marry Hebe, who was definitely not down for that.

Eventually, Hercules and one of his soldier mates, Sotiris, were sold into slavery to participate in fighting contest for money, which their slave owners gambled. After doing quite well with that, Hercules and Sotiris were able to convince their master to let them fight the top 6 champs in Greece. Hercules ended up,defeating all of them by himself after Sotiris incurred a serious injury.

Since Hercules was back home in Greece, he was able to reconnect with his home people,and eventually create an army to rise up against King Amphityron. This all led up to a big conclusion that involved Hercules finally being able truly connect with his father ,Zeus, and obtain additional power that allowed him to take down King Amphityron’s mighty army and eventually, the King himself, so he could finally be reunited with his true love,Hebe, while allowing his people to take back their kingdom at the same time.

Again, I really enjoyed watching the movie as it was extremely entertaining for the entire run time. It wasn’t exactly an original type of plotline, but that doesn’t really matter to me as long as they keep me entertained,and it definitely did that. I thought former Twilight Saga star, Kellan Lutz did a great job as Hercules as he gave a very intense and believable performance. I gave the movie a solid B+ grade. Stay tuned. Also, get your favorite Movie stuff, and more by Clicking Here.

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