Survivor 28 Cagayan Tony Vlachos Won The Whole Show Tonight,May 21st

Survivor 28 Cagayan Tony Vlachos Won The Whole Show Tonight,May 21st

Tonight’s 2 hour finale episode, kicked off with conversation footage. Tony revealed that he had to vote out his most loyal ally ,Trish, at the last tribal council, because he thought it would’ve been too tough to beat her in the finals. He also revealed that his super idol couldn’t be played anymore, so he needed to win individual immunity to make it into the finals.

Next, the remaining contestants were greeted by their loved ones. Lots of hugs were given and tears were shed just before they competed in the immunity challenge. The immunity challenge was a key retrieval and puzzle challenge. And OMG! Kass totally came back from a huge deficit to complete the puzzle before everyone else, and claim immunity!

After a break, Spencer pitched to Tony that there’s going to be a final 2 this year instead of a final 3, and that it would make more sense to keep him in the game, and Tony seem to buy it. Meanwhile, Kass and Woo agreed to vote Spencer out. At tribal council, they talked game for a bit before casting their votes. Then Spencer ended up getting 3 votes, and Woo got 1 vote. So, with 3 votes, Spencer’s effort to pull Tony into keeping him, fell short. Next, more conversation footage revealed that neither Kass or Woo wanted to take Tony to the finals if they win the last immunity challenge.

Next, they showed immunity challenge footage. It was a maze and puzzle challenge. And Woo just edged Kass out for the win and a guaranteed spot in the final 2! After that, Tony and Kass did everything they could to convince Woo why they should be in the finals with him.

Then they finally showed the tribal council footage, where they talked game for a bit before Woo revealed his massive decision. And it turned out that Woo wanted to stay loyal to Tony, so he voted off Kass! So, Tony And Woo were the final 2 left standing, and prepped to give their final pleas to the jury.

After a break, they showed Tony and Woo getting their big meal. Then they gave their big opening speeches to the jury and answered their questions. At one point during the question and answer part, Spencer made a plea to the jury to vote for Tony, claiming he played the game more than Woo did, and that Woo was just basically Tony’s lapdog the entire time,lol!! So, that was very interesting.

After all that, the jury casts their votes. Then it went to the live show,where host, Jeff Probst, immediately read off the votes. It was revealed that Tony got 5 votes over Woo’s 1 vote, so Jeff stopped at that point, since Tony had enough to win the whole damn thing! So, yes, Tony Vlachos is your Survivor 28 winner! Stay tuned. Season 29 is definitely going down in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua,and will debut this Fall 2014. Also, get your favorite TV show stuff, and more by Clicking Here.

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