New ‘Shadowhunters’ Season 3 Important Details Revealed By Clary Star Katherine McNamara

New ‘Shadowhunters’ Season 3 Important Details Revealed By Clary Star Katherine McNamara

Hey, fellow “Shadowhunters” fans. We’ve got some new season 3 details for you guys straight from the Clary Fairchild star herself, Katherine McNamara (above). Apparently, the folks over at got to chat it up with her. And let me tell you guys she did not hold back one bit.

She revealed a lot of new and very interesting teasers that we can expect to see in the upcoming third season. Relationships will be changing while some will get stronger. A ton of new characters are coming. Major consequences will have to get dealt with and much, much more!

To get this teaser session started, Katherine revealed that season 3 is definitely going to be much, much different. Major consequences will come to fruition! She stated, ” Things are definitely different. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a fresh start because the consequences of everyone’s actions and of Clary’s actions in particular, are really going to come to fruition this season.

I think that’s the biggest part of it for her. She came into this world with this wide-eyed sense of wonder at this world of magic and fairies and vampires and warlocks and angels, and suddenly now after going through everything. After killing her own father, losing her mother and everything she’s been through. She sees the world for what it is which is a cold and very deadly world that has no forgiveness and has no mercy.”

Next, Katherine revealed that her character Clary will be more mature. She’ll see things with a more realistic view. But most importantly, she will always maintain hope and never lose her will to fight. She stated, “This is the thing about Clary. Yes, she has a new sense of maturity. And yes, moving forward she sees the world with a more realistic view. There’s always a sense of hope in her.

There’s always this little ember of fight and hope within her that she will never give up. She will never say die. She will never ever lose that fire. That’s what makes her who she is. That’s the Fairchild in her.

It’s that undying sense of hope. You know, she has that lightness of being a Fairchild and yet she has the ferocity of being a Morgenstern and that stubbornness of being a Morgenstern that combines to form this stubbornly hopeful character that will find a way.”

Next, Katherine revealed that we’re about to see a ton of new characters in season 3. We’re also going to see some familiar plotlines, but we shouldn’t get comfortable. She explained, “There’s a lot of new characters coming in that I think people are going to be excited for. There’s some plot points that people will recognize, but things usually come about in a different way than people expect.So, don’t get too comfortable because it’s turned on its head a couple of times.”

Katherine also revealed that even though we’re going to see a lot of new characters, there’s some people that won’t be returning. She told them, “There are a lot of people coming back, but not everyone. I will leave that up to the viewer to find out as they watch.”

Katherine also revealed that each character will have their own individual demon to face in this new third season. We’re also going to see relationships trying to find their way. A lot of the relationships will be changing, and some of them will get stronger. Katherine stated, “Basically, all of the relationships are trying to find their way in this new world order, and every character has a challenge that they have to face. To put it in terms of the show.

The glamours have all gone away, and each character has their own personal demon that’s coming for them. They know that they either have to defeat the demon or it will break them. And they have to learn who they can trust and rely on, and they have to learn when to stand on their own and when to rely on each other.

So, you really see a lot of their relationships change and a lot of the relationships deepen. You also see some people separated. For example, you see Clary and Luke lean on each other a bit more because they’ve both lost a lot of people. Luke has lost his parabatai and the love of his life. Clary has lost her mother and father.

Luke is one of the only rocks and one of the only grounding forces that’s left in her life, and so she leans heavily on him. Whereas Clary and Simon. Clary’s still trying to figure out what’s going on with Jace and to try and help him because of the guilt and responsibility she feels for what he’s going through.

And Simon is dealing with the promise he made to the Seelie Queen, and all of the after-effects that’s going to have on his life. That it sort of leads each of them stranded away from each other and without that trusted ear. That vein of support they’ve had for each other. And continues through all the relationships, and because we know the characters so well now as the audience and the actors. It’s exciting for us to get to explore different sides of those relationships that bring out different elements of the characters.”

Katherine talked a little about how the Idris scenes will look like during their chat. Apparently, we’re really going to get to see all the beauty and majesty of it at some point. She explained, “We have a 360-degree blue-and-green-screen set. For example, the rune ceremony scene that you saw. It sort of builds up the archways, the pillars, and all the different elements of the world. Then they paint in the rest. It’s this epic aerial shot that comes down through the city, and you really get to see the extent of Idris for the first time and the beauty and the majesty of the Shadowhunters’ homeland.

But also, when we get to see the Alicante Institute eventually, they take our institute set and they lay down a different floor and they change up the walls and they rearrange things and rotate certain rooms and change out the furniture. And suddenly, it’s a brand-new place. Suddenly we’re in Idris.”

Katherine dropped hints about a new character that’s coming to Shadowhunters who’s played by Javier Munoz from the Hamilton Musical. Apparently his character is one of Katherine’s favorites. She said,”I can tell you that Javi comes in and plays maybe one of my favorite characters. It’s a new character. I’m trying to remember if he’s from the books or not, but his role has definitely been emphasized.”

To cap off her interview, Katherine told them what she hopes all the Shadowhunters fans will learn from watching the show. She stated, “The main thing I hope people take away from the show is the fact that no matter who you are. No matter what you’re going through. No matter how powerful you are, everyone has something they’re facing in life. Everyone has a demon, whether it’s an inner demon, an outer demon, a greater demon or a Queen of Hell, everyone has something that they’re facing.

It’s through finding your inner strength. Finding the powers that are inherent within you, but also finding the people around you that are there for you that will accept you for who you are and support you and celebrate your talents, and that you can celebrate theirs. That’s how you get through it. That’s how you defeat those demons, and that’s how you avoid being broken by whatever life throws at you.

That’s what I love about supernatural shows. It really allows us to do very, very human things and to delve into really relatable circumstances but through the veil of a supernatural world that allows everyone to be objective. I’ve certainly learned a lot about myself, and I’ve certainly grown as a human being through doing this show as well as an actor, as well as a fighter and an athlete. It’s the growth that continues to make the show so special.”

Shadowhunters brand new season 3 is scheduled to debut tomorrow night, March 20, 2018 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on Freeform. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Shadowhunters Facebook page for more Shadowhunters news by Clicking Here.

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