A Former, Popular ABC Bachelor Girl Recently Got Arrested And Charged For Pretty Crazy Stuff

A Former, Popular ABC Bachelor Girl Recently Got Arrested And Charged For Pretty Crazy Stuff

Hey, Bachelor Nation fans. Unfortunately, we have to report that another, former Bachelor Nation participant has gotten themselves into some serious trouble with the law. This time, it’s one of the former, very beautiful ladies.

The woman we’re speaking of is the 28 year old, blonde beauty Amanda Stanton from Ben Higgin’s “The Bachelor” season which premiered way back in January 2016. Apparently, she’s been allegedly shoving, pinching, scratching and a whole lot more to her current boyfriend!

According to recent reports from TMZ and their sources, Amanda got arrested in early September 2018 for domestic battery after a drunken post-bachelorette party incident with her boyfriend Bobby Jacobs. Amanda was reportedly partying with friends at The Encore for a co-ed bachelorette event. Everyone was celebrating in a room at the hotel.

The violence began when security came to the room due to noise complaints. When Bobby was trying to talk to them, a drunk Amanda came over and tried to intervene in the conversation. While doing so, she ended up pushing Bobby. Apparently, she pushed him really hard too! TMZ is told that Amanda’s shove was so hard it caused the security to call the cops on her. From there, Amanda was arrested for misdemeanor domestic violence.

Amanda and Bobby are reportedly still together. Sources close to them told TMZ they think Amanda may have been slipped a drug or something into her drink that night.

TMZ got the chance to speak to a representative for Amanda. The rep told them, “The whole event was a misunderstanding. Amanda had a few drinks and gave Bobby what she thought was a playful shove in front of hotel security, who then called the police. Amanda is embarrassed and ashamed this happened and sincerely apologizes to hotel security and the Las Vegas Police Department.”

Earlier this month on October 10, 2018, TMZ came back with an update on this Amanda Stanton, legal situation. She has been officially charged with one count of misdemeanor domestic battery. Amanda has pleaded “not guilty” to the charge. Amanda’s attorney entered her plea to the Clark County courthouse.

TMZ got a chance to look at the entire police report for Amanda’s Las Vegas pushing altercation, and they claim the report says Amanda did a lot more violent things than just a shove. On the police report, Bobby claims Amanda started to hit him while he was in bed. They argued for hours before she eventually took the room’s phone and swung it at him! Bobby also told the police that Amanda kicked, scratched and pinched him because she was pissed he wasn’t answering her calls earlier in the night!

Again, these are all alleged claims against Amanda. We don’t know if they’re all proven or true. However, if it turns out they are, it sounds like Amanda might need to get some serious help. We don’t know the punishment her misdemeanor domestic battery charge carries if she’s convicted. However,if it’s just a misdemeanor, it doesn’t sound like it could be terribly serious. We’ll just have to wait and see I guess.

Along with Ben Higgin’s season of “The Bachelor,” Amanda appeared on the show’s spin off reality dating show “Bachelor In Paradise.” She actually participated in it twice. She did seasons 3 and 4. She actually won season 3, and she ended up quitting season 4 during week 4. During her stint on “The Bachelor,” Ben ended up getting rid of Amanda on week number eight. So, she did make it pretty far that season. Amanda is reportedly a fan favorite of the Bachelor Nation.

She had gotten engaged to Josh Murray after Bachelor In Paradise season 3 which premiered in August 2016, but that didn’t end up working out. It’s reported that things went bad for them pretty fast. For now, it looks like it’ll just be a waiting game to see what Amanda’s legal fate will be in regards to this domestic battery case.

If we hear anything else, we’ll definitely keep you guys informed. For those of you who need a refresher on who Amanda Stanton is, you can see photos of her and her Bachelor Nation biography on her Wikia page by Clicking Here.

How do you guys feel about Amanda Stanton’s recent, unfortunate turn of events? Let us know in the Facebook comments and stay tuned. You guys can follow us on our The Bachelor Facebook page for more Bachelor news by Clicking Here.

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