Survivor 27,Blood Vs Water Tyson Apostol Won The Entire Show In Finale Tonight

Survivor 27,Blood Vs Water Tyson Apostol Won The Entire Show In Finale Tonight

Survivor 27,Blood Vs Water Tyson Apostol won the entire show in finale tonight. Tonight’s 2 hour finale episode ,kicked off with more conversation footage. Ciera talked about aligning with whoever won the last Redemption Island dual. Meanwhile, Tyson tried to lock Monica in with them by trying to give her his immunity idol that he found. However, Monica refused it and told the private cams that she wasn’t going to be played by Tyson and Gervase, and wants the opportunity to play both sides to get to the final 3.

Next, they showed Hayden, arriving at Redemption Island to greet Laura M and Tina. He told them how well Ciera stepped up to the plate to take that previous immunity challenge win, and so on and so forth. After a break, they showed Redemption Island dual footage with Hayden, Laura M, and Tina. It was another endurance challenge where they had to balance a vase on a teeter totter, and the last one holding their vase, turned out to be Tina.

Hayden dropped his,first, followed by Laura M a few minutes later. So, Tine was lucky one who got to rejoin the game, while Hayden and Laura M became part of the jury. Tina also won an immunity idol clue. From there, Tina immediately teamed with Ciera to try and find the immunity idol, but had no luck since Tyson already found it ages ago.

Ciera and Tina also tried to keep working to bring Monica to their side. Next, they showed immunity challenge footage. In the challenge, they had to do some sort of a box balancing act on a teeter totter table until they stacked 10 boxes. The first one to complete that task, won. And Tyson pulled it out for a guaranteed final 4 spot.

After a break, they showed more conversation footage. Gervase and Monica kept arguing back and forth about who to get rid of,first, Tina or Ciera. Monica wanted Tina out,first, while Gervase wanted to get rid of Ciera. Then Monica told Tina and Ciera, she might vote Gervase out,lol!!!

At tribal council, they talked game for a bit. Then casts their votes. Tyson gave Gervase the immunity idol so he could play it for himself. Ciera ended up getting 2 votes and Gervase got 2 votes. Gervase’s votes didn’t count due to the immunity idol, so Ciera bit the dust ,and joined the jury.

After a break, they quickly showed the last immunity challenge. It was another obstacle course, puzzle, and combination challenge. And Tyson pulled out the win,again, to claim his guaranteed spot in the final 3 for the $1 million dollars!! Next, they showed more conversation footage. Tina’s name came up as the main “vote out” target. However, Monica contemplated voting Gervase out just before tribal council.

At tribal council, they talked game for a bit. Then casts their votes. Tina ended up getting 3 votes and Gervase only got 1 vote. So, with 3 votes, Tina was the last person to get ousted to join the jury, leaving Monica, Gervase, and Tyson as the final three this season.

After another break, Monica,Gervase, and Tyson all made their final pleas to the 8 person jury: Vytas,Laura M,Ciera,Tina,Hayden, Caleb, Aras, and Katie. Then after answering all their questions, the jury casts their votes for who should win the $1 million dollars.

From there, they went to live the show that’s going on tonight In Los Angeles,CA, and Host, Jeff Probst, immediately read off the votes. Tyson got 5 votes, and Monica got 1 vote. With 5 votes, Jeff stopped reading as that was enough for Tyson to win it all! Congrats to Tyson. Season 28 starts in February 2014,sometime. Stay tuned. Also, get your favorite TV Show stuff, and more by Clicking Here.

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