The New ‘Karate Kid’ Movie Delivered OK Scenes With An Emotional Ending

The New ‘Karate Kid’ Movie Delivered OK Scenes With An Emotional Ending

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The New ‘Karate Kid’ movie delivered OK scenes with an emotional ending. Columbia Pictures released their new “Karate Kid” remake movie into theaters this weekend, and while it got pretty positive reviews from the top movie critics, I just thought it was just ok. The scenes for the film were ok. I liked the emotional ending. They also added some different variations from the original movie,which made it sort of interesting,but overall,it was just ok for me. It stars: Jackie Chan, Jaden Smith, and Taraji P. Henson.

The “Karate Kid” revolves around characters Dre Parker (Jaden Smith) and Mr. Han (Jackie Chan). If you’ve seen the original “Karate Kid” movie the script stays pretty much the same with slight variations. 12 year old Dre and his mom move to China from Detroit because apparently there was nothing left for them there. As soon as Dre arrives in town, he gets into it with a couple of Kung Fu bullies over a girl who plays the violin.


Dre ends up getting his but kicked until Mr. Han steps in,and talks with the bullies’ teacher,which leads to Mr. Han entering Dre into a huge Kung Fu tournament. Mr. Han teaches Dre Kung Fu in an unusual style at first,but there’s no “sand the floor,” or “wax on,wax off.” However, they did interject another creative style of karate training that left me chuckling. Dre eventually makes it to the Kung Fu tournament,and the arrangement is pretty much the same as the original,but they give him a different secret weapon to use in the tournament. It’s pretty interesting and emotional at the end.

Although, they stuck pretty close to the original script, I don’t think it had anywhere close to the same type of movie magic that the original “Karate Kid” movie did. The only thing I can say about this one, is that it was an interesting take on what they could do with the story 26 years later,and it was really just ok for me. Also, the kids seemed to young to me. I think they should’ve at least been in high school,like freshman year or something. Some of the scenes appeared to be less believable since the cast was so young.

Grade: C+

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  1. Derrick E Smith says:

    I was a skeptical one at first when I first heard of the “Karate Kid” remake. Then as it was getting closer to the release date, I got a little more optimistic about it. I saw the film and absolutely LOVED IT! The problem with the negative critics are often times when a move is being re-made, we can’t help but compare it to our first love. (The ORIGINAL one) We (adults) have to understand that there is a new generation today that may not share our love for he original. So we must accept positive change and new ideas. I am so happy that I broaden my mind to prepare for the Karate Kid and since that,.. I LOVED IT! So STOP comparing and just enjoy the movie!

  2. slackplan9 says:

    This isn’t Karate. This is Kung Fu. What’s in a name? EVERYTHING.

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